19 Apr 2014

Election 2014
Telugu Desam Party


The Telugu Desam party founded by Dr N T avatar Rao in 1983 geared toward safeguarding the political, economic, social and cultural foundations of telugu speaking individuals within the country.

In Principle and additionally in practice it's the mission of the TDP party to safeguard the dignity and self respect of Telugus and additionally guarantee provision of food, shelter and clothing to the commoner at reasonable and sustainable costs and accomplish authorisation of ladies, youth and every one backward segments of society in state.

The preamble of the TDP was to supply a state based on the fundamental tenets of social justice and equality for all. Society could be a temple and folks are deities, Dr NTR had declared repeatedly.

It has additionally been high on the Agenda of the regional party since its origin to fight against the corruption in public life manifested by the congress party and additionally attempt to attain a cohesive and executable coordination with all non-congress opposition parties within the state and similarly within the country.

Promoting minority welfare and studying of a secular policy besides preservation of Indian constitution and traditions of democracy by taking the administration to door steps of the individuals was additionally the guideline of Sri Nara Chandrababu Naidu ever since he took on the mantle of the party in 1995.

TDP became the bulwark of body, economic and power reforms within the country and initiated majority of way reaching programmes with world bank aid to create a talented personnel pool and additionally economical administration systems in order that fruit of development programes may reach the real poor.

Unlike alternative regional and national political entities TDP believed in the dictum that in the fourth estate and an authorized forum of electronic and print media was a vital ingredient of a prosperous and healthy society and intrinsically promoted an atmosphere for growth of a free and honest Press freedom within the state.


Regionalist (protect the dignity and self respect of Telugus)


Fiscal Conservatism


The Telugu Desam Party supremo Chandrababu Naidu calls as pro-poor and revolutionary. The party has secured Rs 1,000-2,000 per family beneath its money transfer theme, excluding color televisions and free gas cylinders. Naidu has secured four kilo of rice per head without charge as against YSR Reddy's 6 kilo per head for Rs two. Naidu additionally secured to come up with employment for over twenty five hundred thousand individuals. Naidu are going to be traveling the Telangana districts within the next few days, that are aiming to polls on april 16.



Telugudesam Party State Office
NTR Trust Bhavanam,
Road No:2, Banjara Hills,
Hyderabad - 500034
Andhra Pradesh

Phone : +914030699999
FAX : +914023542108
Information Center : 040 - 30269999

Website: http://www.telugudesam.org/tdpcms/


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18-Feb-2014 New Delhi: A Telugu Desam Party (TDP) lawmaker Tuesday said the manner in which the Telangana bill was taken up in the Lok Sabha was a "murder of democracy".   TDP's Rajya Sabha member Y.S. Chowdhary also criticised Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar for acting at the behest of the Con...

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Tributes paid to NTR on death anniversary

18-Jan-2014 Hyderabad: Rich tributes were paid to Telugu Desam Party (TDP) founder N.T. Rama Rao on his 18th death anniversary Saturday.   Popularly called NTR, the former Andhra Pradesh chief minister was an actor-turned-politician and one of the more popular leaders in the state's history.   His...

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TDP not to attend meeting with GoM on Telangana

12-Nov-2013 Hyderabad: The Telugu Desam Party (TDP) has decided not to attend the meeting convened by the Group of Ministers (GoM) on bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh.   TDP leader G. Muddukrishnama Naidu told reporters after a meeting of senior leaders with TDP chief N. Chandrababu Naidu that they decided to...

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